My Life at Dance

Hey bloggers! I haven’t posted in years! So, one of my favorite things to do is dance so I thought I’d tell you a little bit about it. I do tap, jazz, and ballet. My favorite is ballet. At my studio, we do a version of the Nutcracker called Clara’s Dream. On Mondays, I have a two hour practice for the party scene in Clara’s dream. Tuesdays are a little bit more complicated. First, I have an hour and a half of ballet. After that, I sit in our studio’s lounge for an hour. Then, I go to jazz for an hour. I then have another hour break. After that, I have a Clara’s Dream rehearsal. Except this practice is not for the party scene, it is for the Arabian scene. On Tuesday I have my tap class. On Thursdays I have another ballet class.

In total I spend 10 hours at my studio a week. To me dance is so much fun whether I’m in ballet class, or laughing with my friends in the lounge. Some people don’t understand how hard dance is. They think that it’s just girls in tutus. But really, it is very painful and sweaty. I love to dance because it makes me feel amazing. I hope you enjoyed this post.

Lots of love, Annabelle

School’s out Summer is in

It’s probably summer time for most of you well, have a great summer! So far I have been swimming three times this summer. This summer I am looking forward to swimming more, my birthday in July, and going to Branson for the Fourth of July. Have a great summer!

Please comment below and tell me about your plans for the summer, what you’ve already did this summer, and other summer related stuff!

Question and Answer

Okay,I’m going to ask some questi0ons and if you want you can answer them on a commet

  1. What is the best book you have ever read?
  2. If you had to move anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
  3. If someone came up to your door right now and gave you a free horse how would you react?
  4. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Spring Break Vacation

This year my family went to Orange County for spring break vacation. When we arrived on Tuesday we mostly just checked out the condo we’re staying in. We didn’t rent/buy it or we don’t already own it, we actually are  ”borrowing” it from my dad’s cousins. And on that same day we went to the beach [not with our swimsuits on, that would be to cold] and put our feet in the water, boy it was cold! The next day we went shopping at Laguna Beach , Fashion Island, and ate lunch at a place by the beach, I ate fish and chips! On Thursday we drove an hour and thirty minutes to go to Hollywood! We ate lunch at a famous restaurant called The Pig n’ Whistle. And did the most touristy thing you can do in Hollywood, go on a sightseeing tour bus.  We saw one actual famous person, some guy from TV show called the Hills. But our tour bus group didn’t really see him because when he went by on his motorcycle I thought it was just an ordinary person and so did everyone else but then, a couple seconds after he went by, the tour bus driver pointed him out. My favorite part of the ride was seeing famous peoples houses. We went by the Hollywood sign but, um, yea, it wasn’t my favorite part. On Friday, the best day of all, we went to Disneyland. Two of the rides my little sister didn’t want to go on so Disney parks had this handy dandy thing where your parents can take turns going on the ride. So one parent would be watching the kid while the other rides the ride an then they switch. It is handy dandy because me and my sister don’t care how scary the ride is so we get to go twice, one ride on the ride with my daad and the other ride on the ride with  my mom. Today is Saturday, the last day we have here today we’re going to shop some more. Tomorrow we travel back home. I know tomorrow will be a sad day but, I’ll get through it.


Saving when you think of that word do you think of saving a document, saving someone’s life, saving the day, or anything else? I’m sure you have saved something in your life. Last week I saved the day by undoing my friends jean button from a thing on our playground. And I will save this post so that you can see it on my blog. I don’t remember saving someone’s life. What have you saved?